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Paulding County DUI Attorney


“Don’t Blow!”

If you are stopped by an officer for potentially driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, our advice is to refuse to take a breathalyzer test.

Yes, State law makes you suffer negative repercussions for refusing to submit to testing by the Intoxilyzer 5000; however, this law firm is of the opinion that those costs are less than the costs you suffer if you register a positive BAC (blood alcohol content) test result of more than 0.08.

Many DUI defense attorneys will tell you that the machine is not perfect; however, in order to get an expert on the machine to testify about this in court before a jury costs an enormous amount of money…in addition to the already large fee that a DUI jury trial costs you in attorneys’ fees!

Yes. We have won DUI jury trials. Typically, however, people enter pleas of guilty to the DUI charge because the evidence produced by the prosecutor reveals that entering a plea of guilty is safer than incurring the cost of a jury trial. The sad truth is that the penalty for insisting on a jury trial, almost always, results in a harsher sentence than simply agreeing to enter a plea of guilty.

If you are charged with a second or third DUI then the risk of the cost of a jury trial must be more strongly considered despite the evidence against you because the penalties for a second or third DUI are so much greater than a first time DUI. This has been the case for years; however, courts in Georgia have been moving to help people overcome the causes of their second and third DUI’s. Giving them some hope for a productive future without the stigma associated with many of the punishments for multiple DUI convictions.

Now, in Douglas County and some surrounding counties, the courts have implemented a “DUI Court Program” that can minimize the pain and penalties associated with a second or third DUI and help the accused work through addiction issues and poor decision-making.

Whether you need a jury trial or need help entering a plea or a DUI court program, we can help you. We will evaluate your case, make a recommendation of how you should proceed, and begin protecting you as best we can, considering both the law and the particular facts of your particular case.

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