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criminal defense

If you are charged with a crime, you need a criminal defense team who will fight for your freedom tooth and nail! The Douglasville criminal defense attorneys at Edwards, McLeod & Money will do that and more to make certain that your rights and liberty are preserved and protected.

People charged with crimes typically contact an attorney for help only after they have spoken openly and honestly to law enforcement. Only on the rarest of occasions does law enforcement fail to properly advise those arrested that they have “the right to remain silent.”

Unfortunately, because accused people don’t exercise their right to remain silent and simply ask for a lawyer and shut their mouths, the statements they make almost always make the criminal defense attorney’s job much more difficult.

DO NOT LIE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES – EVEN ABOUT THE SMALLEST ISSUE. Simply inform law enforcement that you would prefer to have an attorney before speaking to them ABOUT ANYTHING.

This is very important because, as a matter of law, officers can use “artifice, device, and trickery” to get people to talk to them about their investigations. They can tell you that they are not investigating you, your momma, your brother, your daddy, etc., to simply get you to talk. You, on the other hand, cannot use “artifice, device, and trickery.” If you do, then you can be charged with additional crimes like “Obstruction of Justice.”

You don’t have to lie. You simply have to exercise your right to be silent AND ASK FOR A LAWYER!

As the Douglasville criminal defense attorney, we at Edwards, McLeod & Money can help assure that your rights are preserved and that you are given all the protections the law allows. We are qualified to handle all misdemeanor and felony cases in both State and Federal courts located in Georgia.

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