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Cobb County Theft Charges

theft charges

Edwards, McLeod, & Money is the premier West Georgia criminal defense team and has represented people facing theft charges from chop shops to forgeries and from burglaries to thefts of lost or misplaced property. Some have involved RICO statutes that allege our clients were part of a larger conspiracy.

Whether or not you should go to trial, work out a negotiated plea, or attempt to negotiate a resolution involving pre-trial diversion depends on many aspects of your history, the facts and circumstances of your case, and the law. We have the knowledge and experience to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Edwards, McLeod, & Money are located in Douglasville, GA; and serves as the premier West Georgia and Cobb County theft charge attorneys. Our firm has a solid record of successfully winning legal actions on a wide range of issues throughout West Georgia and the entire Atlanta Metro area.