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Douglas County Estate Planning

Probate of Estates

In many cases, with proper planning, the probate of an estate is a simple issue. On occasion, where a person has left behind family members or beneficiaries with substantial tension between themselves, conflicts naturally arise. The validity of a person’s Last Will & Testament may need to be challenged. Widows and Widowers may choose to file for “Twelve Months’ Support” in addition to the bequest they receive from a Will & Testament or in addition to what they would receive from an estate where their spouse had no Will & Testament.

Other times, challenges might be made to prevent the Personal Representative of an Estate from doing something that violates their fiduciary duties (the duties that they owe to each of the Estate’s beneficiaries). In other circumstances, the work faced by the Personal Representative may simply be too much for that person to handle without an attorney.

Many reasons exist for hiring an attorney–or at least consulting with one–when those left behind simply don’t know where to start or how to proceed once everything has been started by someone else.

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