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Douglas County Drug Charges

drug charges

Edwards, McLeod, & Money has tried and won cases involving less than an ounce of marijuana and felony amounts of cocaine. We have tried drug trafficking cases involving more than fifteen pounds of methamphetamine.

Remember, a misdemeanor amount of marijuana includes ANY AMOUNT OF MARIJUANNA that is “Less than an ounce of marijuana.” This means that possession of even a very, very small amount of the green leafy substance still can result in a conviction.

Many people think that a prescription pill (like Xanax, Percocet, or Oxycontin) that they obtained from a friend is less of a crime (or no crime at all) compared to some small amount of marijuana. Those people are wrong. When you possess a prescription pill that is not yours, you could be convicted of a felony and face more than a year in prison, along with losing your right to possess a firearm, your right to vote, ability to get a good job, etc.

Obviously, possession of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are felonies but when you transfer these substances to another (or prescription pills) then you face further charges for distribution of these substances.

If you are detained or arrested for any drug related circumstance, EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. Depending upon the evidence against you, the circumstances of your arrest, and what information you choose to share with law enforcement instead of REMAINING SILENT will ultimately define the amount of work and the amount of help our law firm can provide you.

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