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Alimony Attorney


The payment or non-payment of alimony is frequently a concern during the preparation for a divorce. Georgia courts are permitted to grant alimony and Edwards, McLeod, and Money are the premier West Georgia and Carroll County alimony attorney.

While there are few hard and fast rules regarding the obligation, amount, or duration of the alimony payments;  there are some general guidelines that can help to determine whether alimony is likely to be awarded.  For instance, the longer the length of the marriage, the greater the difference in the income of each of the parties, and the greater the disparity in earning potential are all factors that can help to convince a court that alimony is appropriate.

The award of alimony is at the discretion of the court and whether you are seeking an award of alimony or a defense to the imposition of alimony against you, you need an attorney who will fight for your needs to get the results you require.  Edwards, McLeod & Money has an impressive record of favorable alimony decisions for our clients and as the premier West Georgia and Carroll County alimony attorneys, we can help you, too